Radical Reversibility (RR) is a practice and research-based art cooperative founded by three artists and an independent curator. RR operates within the context of contemporary art, taking lens-based media as a point of departure. The cooperative aims to investigate and develop visual and conceptual strategies that radically reverse the paradigms of our current visual culture.

RR focuses on ‘research through images’ – from the perspectives of both makers and viewers. Our common field of interest consists of the fundamental entanglement between image and gaze. We aim to uncover different 'cultures of the gaze’ in order to playfully challenge and decondition our looking habits. By showing what alternative visual approaches look like, looked like and will look like, we wish to construct transhistorical frames of reference.

RR seeks to open dialogues between different traditions of image-making. Therefore we will enquire into non-Western viewpoints in search of new insights and unexpected intercultural cross-references. Consecutively, imbued with a non-anthropocentric mindset we set out to re-examine predominant habits of thinking and looking.

RR seeks for interdisciplinary collaborations with the goal of gaining a better understanding of how images come about and what images (can) do. The RR cooperative encourages visual artists and researchers – including philosophers, historians, scientists and writers – to exchange ideas, to compare individual findings and to cross-pollinate one another’s work.

RR envisions new horizons, alternative perspectives and different concepts toward a fundamental transformation of our gaze.

The Radical Reversibility founders
Martine Stig, Hiryczuk/ Van Oevelen, Frank van der Stok